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N-Top RO System Table Top

N-Top RO System Table Top
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Model: N-Top

N Top Reverse Osmosis System Table Top

Step 1 - Sediment Filter
05 micron hole diameter can efficiently filter out any matter with the diameter lager than its hole diameter including bacteria, silt, suspension in water, cystobacter, pathogen, and virus.

Step 2 - Granular Activated Carbon
It provides anti-bacteria effect and enchanted reduction of taste, odor, colour, insecticide, synthetic detergents and ets.

Step 3 - Membrane Filter
RO membrane can remove the "hardness" from the source water. This means that the RO membrane will remove primarily calcium and magnesium (which make up General Hardness, GH) and any carbonates. This leaves us with truly soft water. The RO membrane operates as a semi-permeable membrane that is placed under pressure (from the water supply) to cause water to pass through the membrane in a Reverse Osmosis direction, producing pure, soft water.

Step 4 - CTO Carbon Block
Self sterillized function able to reduce the residue of chlorine, improve taste, odor and colour, removes insecticide, synthetic detergnets and dissolved organic contamination.

• Flow rate 50 GPD
• Inlet pressure (min.) 0.5-0.75 kg/sq. cm
• Rejection of TDS (min.) 90%.
• Recovery 10-15%.
• Sediment filter 5 micron rated
• Input voltage 230V AC 10%, 50 Hz

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